Saturday, November 12, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

AF canyon outing

Last Sunday after church Dave, Emmy and I went up American Fork Canyon to fish, swim, kayak and ride a dirt bike for Dave's last weekend before school. We bought Emmy her own little fishing pole which she was super excited about! She informed me she was going to catch Fido for Kennilee. Fido is what we named our Beta fish that we left for Kennilee to take care when moved, who came to an unfortunate end after being fed a little too much! (the entire tank was full of food you could not even see the fish! He died the next day and kennilee was very very upset!) So Emmy was determined to catch Fido and bring him back to Kenni :-).
It was a really nice day and we had a lot of fun even though we did not catch Fido.
Emmy getting a fishing lesson
ready to fish

on a kayak ride with dad
swimming in the lake
on a kayak ride with mom
my little fisher woman

The Zoo 2011

So I have taken Emmy to the zoo every July since she was born. This year we did not not make it until August. We had a lot a fun and Emmy really loved the dinosaurs they put up around the zoo that move and make noise, It was pretty cool.

on the train

watching the monkeys


Sunday, May 1, 2011

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The Wedding

Here are some pictures from the wedding. There were lots more that I wanted to put on but felt like I was already getting carried away :-). Thank you everyone for all your love and support and help with everything. It turned out beautiful!
The Reception Room
The Flowers
The Cake
The Rings
The Bouquet
The Flower girls helping each other get ready :)
Rusty my little ring man!
The Flower Girls!
My Dad walking me down the isle
The Ceremony 
The Kiss
With my parents
With Dave's parents
The Whitmer's (all but Grant, Clark, little Clark and Penny)
Jack, Emmy & Kenny
Me and my grandpa Rainey & Emmy
Daddy's Girl
My brothers ( all but sharrod)
My sister the maid of honor
Something was pretty funny! 
All my siblings (except sharrod)
Sending a message to Sharrod on the recorder 
Me and my little Rusty Roo
Randi & Kenneth
Rem & Traci
Tonya & Dre
The little pregos 
Me and all of my sisters!
Good family friends the Beers
Me and Anna
Jenny, Me and Shera
Me and my favorite cousin Ashley
Dave and I with my Grandma & Grandpa
Grandma Rainey
The best of friends
Strike a pose!
cutting the cake
Very tasty and beautiful cake! Thank you Sheri Bodell!!!